Sunday, July 12, 2009




Having a shitty day so just a quick post

Day 2 of by blogventure and trying to work out some ways to generate traffic, not an easy task! But it must be done so ill keep on keeping on.

On the personal side..... I feel like using soooooooooo bad today : ( But im detemined to stay clean so im winning the battle goingon in my head right now.

Till Tomorrow


Saturday, July 11, 2009

So to cut a long story short.....

I am in need of cash, and i know you are thinking "well who isnt?" and your right, but i am attempting to do something about it......... thus starting this blog!

If people reading or visiting can spare just $1 ( or more if your feeling generous :P ) Then those dollar donations will all start to add up and hopefully help me in getting out of the debt im in.

Im no one special, just an aussie girl who has got herself into debt, i cant promise to repay so am just depending on donations, maybe it will work maybe not but it wont fai due to lack of trying!

Ill use this blog to update on the status of quest to get out of debt, ill share videos and stories, random websites and funnies to keep you entertained and hopefully you will enjoy it enough to spare me a dollar!

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